About Author:

I'm Venkatesh Pampana. I'm an Electrical Engineer and IT professional interested in Renewable Energy, Energy Conservation and Information Technology. Obsessed with Renewable Energy and Energy management. My areas of interest include Green Energy Research (especially Electric vehicles, Energy conservation, HVAC and Information Technology. Looking for opportunities in Green Energy Research (areas of interest: Smart Grids, Electric vehicles, Energy conservation, HVAC, Green Buildings).

Passionate to apply Information Technology to Renewable Energy field with new applications and software solutions. Always, ideating for software solutions in Energy Science and Management.

Designed prototypes like "Moving Iron Generator",”Eco Friendly Switch boards”, “Wave Powered Generator” , a web application called "ClassleSoft Energy Analyzer Online" (currently under Beta)

Author and founder of website,www.classlesoft.in (http://classlesoft.in). often blog through “Go Greenovation” (www.gogreenovation.wordpress.com) about Sustainable Energy related things.
Venkatesh Pampana (Application Developer)
 Venkatesh Pampana